Oden: Shady enjoyment during the shank of the evening

No one in their right mind would argue that air conditioning wasn’t an economic and social game-changer in southern Appalachia. I’ve written before about...

Garrett: Assigning blame amid America’s political war

Writing for the Detroit Free Press on Sunday, Rochelle Riley urged voters to vote against “hate” when they headed to the polls for Tuesday’s...

Garrett: Sears’ demise is continuation of changing times

I can’t help but reminisce about Sears. I’m not old enough to remember the Sears Roebuck heyday, but I do remember sitting down in my grandmother’s...

Garrett: I ain’t afraid of no bear, nor should you be

I heard the bear before I saw it, instantly knew what it was.  He was in a thicket, munching on some berries, I was on a...

Garrett: NYT’s decision was dangerous and unfair

It’s easy to have an opinion. Taking ownership of one’s opinion is much more difficult. Letters to the editor, a staple of newspapers large and small...

Garrett: Missing the spirit of September 11

Earlier this year, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) called on supporters to “push back” against anyone associated with President Donald Trump. If you see these...

Garrett: Headed outside? Don’t get ‘quested’!

It is late July, maybe early August, and the forest sits idly in anticipation of the autumnal glory. Everything in the forest gets lazy...

Oden: Tired of the celebrity bullhorn

The rich and famous who hawk political views on issues that affect Americans living in fly-over country have run their celebrity privilege in the...

Our View: Everyone wins with motel deal

Last week’s court order allowing the Oneida Family Motel to reopen is a win for everyone. It’s a win for 8th Judicial District Attorney Jared...

Oden: Avoid unwanted guests by running and hiding

An Appalachian friend called after Christmas to wish me belated happy holidays. After catching up about families and goings-on, he bemoaned the fact that...
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