HUNTSVILLE — Scott County Commission got down to business Monday, beginning its new session with seven new members and a relatively light agenda.

With 12 of 14 members present — 2nd District Commissioner Sam Lyles and 4th District Commissioner Kenny Chadwell were the exceptions — commissioners tackled a light agenda that included naming County Mayor Jeff Tibbals the commission’s chairman and 7th District Commissioner Mike Slaven the chairman pro tem.

Neither appointment, which came by unanimous votes after nominations by 5th District Commissioner Paul Strunk, was necessarily a surprise. While commissioners can appoint one of their own to chair the legislative body, that task is usually given to the mayor. As commission chairman, Tibbals will direct each meeting but does not have voting authority except in tiebreaker situations. Slaven, meanwhile, has served almost continuously as the commission’s chairman pro tem — meaning he will chair meetings in the mayor’s absence — for more than a decade.

Commissioners also finalized Tibbals’ committee appointments, which were presented by the mayor earlier this month. The only committees that hadn’t been unveiled by Tibbals earlier included the Parks & Recreation Committee — which will consist of 1st District Commissioner David Jeffers, 3rd District Commissioner Sheila Buttram and 6th District Commissioner Donnie Bowlin, along with area youth coaches Chad Marcum and Diane Smith, and Scott County Storm football director Sonni Reagan — and the Beer Board, which will be filled by 2nd District Commissioner Jerried Jeffers, 6th District Commissioner Patti Brown, and Buttram.

Monday’s meeting was not the first for commissioners since taking office September 1; they met in work session two weeks ago. However, it was the first formal, voting session since the election, which saw seven new members seated on the commission.

Among the new commissioners are David Jeffers in the 1st District, Jerried Jeffers in the 2nd District, Kenny Morrow in the 3rd District, Shonda Grey in the 4th District, Harold Chambers in the 5th District, Bowlin in the 6th District and Benny Carson in the 7th District. 

While newcomers make up half the 14-member legislative body, there aren’t many unfamiliar faces. David Jeffers, Morrow and Chambers are all former commissioners, while Jerried Jeffers replaced his mother, June Jeffers, on the commission and has been a mainstay at commission meetings in recent years. Grey was an administrative assistant in the county mayor’s office during Tibbals’ last term in office from 2010 to 2014.