HUNTSVILLE — More than three dozen accused drug dealers were targeted in a joint operation by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, Oneida Police Department and the Eighth Judicial District Drug Task Force late last week.

A total of 40 persons were sought on arrest warrants, almost all of them drug-related. The warrants were issued by judicial authorities after a lengthy undercover investigation collected evidence against each of the suspects.

The effort was termed “Operation Freedom” by Scott County Sheriff Mike Cross.

“Not only is this the month in which we celebrate our freedom, but this also represents the ongoing fight to free our neighborhoods from the scourge of drug addiction,” the sheriff said.

It is alleged that during the course of the undercover operation, 34 of the suspects targeted in last week’s round-up sold narcotics to undercover agents or confidential informants. The most common drugs sold were hydrocodone and percocet, but sales also ranged from morphine to xanax and a number of other narcotics.

Suspects targeted by law enforcement teams resided in nearly every neighborhood throughout Scott County; they ranged in age from 21 to 73. In one instance, a mother and her son were arrested on charges of selling drugs, and a second son was also arrested when a team of officers executing the search warrants discovered marijuana growing at the family’s Dean Hill Road residence in Oneida.

In all 27 of the original suspects were arrested, most of them on Thursday or Friday. Eight suspects are still sought on drug-related charges.

Among those still being sought by authorities are James McKeehen, Jacob Cooper, Billy Joe Lewallen, Christy Hiske, Joey Thompson, Michael Patton, Ashley Gooch and Michael Aston. Additionally, Misty Wright and Dillon Dunphy are wanted on warrants for theft and forgery. They were included as part of the roundup effort but were not located by authorities.

Among those already taken into custody and arraigned Monday were:

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  1. This story was funny what does one plant with the street value of zero have to do with all the drugs they found and the pill thing will never end cause the real pushers are big pharm company’s u really think u cant stop it with out stopping the doctors and the people higher up WAR on Drugs is a joke drug cartels and real drug dealers love the WAR on DRUGS they make money police and government love it cause if not for that alot of people be out of work and the prison system would fall too many good people doing time for petty shit they should get help not time lock up the real dealers and real pushers stop wasting time and money