HUNTSVILLE — A lengthy discourse by Scott County Sheriff Mike Cross before County Commission’s Emergency Service Committee here Monday has led to a establishment of an Adventure Tourism Committee.

Sheriff Cross rose to address rumors circulating in the wake of the recent White Knuckle and Full Throttle events held here over the Memorial Day weekend.

Cross said there “was a lot of disinformation being put out,” and explained that he was speaking “to give you (the commissioners) and the public” his side of the story.

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  1. Sheriff Cross was quoted as saying at the meeting “Time after time, people told (my officers) they were told it they could ride on these roads,” Cross said. “I say this, to whoever told them that, you are a liar,” he concluded.

    This is totally wrong, at least one officer didn’t enforce the law 3 weeks before the event and he is one of these so called liars.

    I was pulled over in my neighborhood(not in the Huntsville area) by a County Officer because I didn’t have my helmet(I own and use one 99.9% of the time) on which I was just starting up my ATV and doing maintenance(charged the battery, changed the spark plug and etc) after not riding it since last year and I quote the officer(and I know exactly what the officers name is) stated that “We do not “usually” pull people on ATVs “unless” their speeding, not wearing a helmet or riding unsafely.”