Hike of the Week: Natural Arch

Trail: Natural Arch Trailhead: Natural Arch Distance: 1.4 miles Elevation Gain: 229 ft. Difficulty: EasyAfter a couple of strenuous hikes to Angel Falls Overlook and Honey Creek, the...

Hike of the Week: Honey Creek

Trail: John Muir Trail Trailhead: Leatherwood Distance: 5.5 miles Elevation Gain: 830 ft. Difficulty: StrenuousWhen someone asks me which hiking trail I recommend in the Big South Fork...

Hike of the Week: Lilly Bluff Overlook

Trail: Lilly Bluff Trailhead: Clear Creek Distance: 1.3 miles Elevation Gain: 240 ft. Difficulty: ModerateThrough the first two months of the Twenty Week Hiking Challenge, every trail has...

Hike of the Week: Blue Heron

Trail: Blue Heron Loop Trailhead: Blue Heron Distance: 6.4 miles Elevation Gain: 640 ft. Difficulty: ModerateTwo years ago, the Twenty Week Hiking Challenge called the Blue Heron Loop...

Hike of the Week: John Litton Farm

Trail: Litton Farm Loop Trailhead: Bandy Creek Distance: 6.3 miles Elevation Gain: 561 ft. Difficulty: ModerateThe first five weeks of the Independent Herald’s Twenty Week Hiking Challenge featured...

Hike of the Week: Emory Gap

Trail: Emory Gap Trailhead: Panther Branch (Frozen Head State Park) Distance: 2.8 miles Elevation Gain: 465 ft. Difficulty: Easy/ModeratePerhaps the only thing more beautiful than the drive up...

Hike of the Week: Colditz Cove

Trail: Northrup Falls Trailhead: Colditz Cove Distance: 1.3 miles Elevation Gain: 111 ft. Difficulty: EasyAlmost as soon as you enter the hemlock forest that shrouds the Big Branch...

Hike of the Week: Bronco Overlook

Trail: Bronco Overlook Trailhead: Stati on Camp Distance: 2.8 miles Elevation Gain: 282 ft . Difficulty: Easy/ModerateWhen you think of overlooks in the Big South Fork National River...

Hike of the Week: Buzzard Rock

Trail: Buzzard Rock Trailhead: Unnamed Distance: 1.0 mile Elevation Gain: 260 ft. Difficulty: EasyIn this part of the world, the word “buzzard” doesn’t conjure images of majesty or...

Hike of the Week: Sunset Overlook

Trail: Sunset Overlook Trailhead: East Rim Distance: 2.6 miles Elevation Gain: 167 ft. Difficulty: EasyThe Independent Herald’s Twenty Week Hiking Challenge begins this week with a trek to...
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