Oden: Respect for funeral processions and state law

The uniformed soldier stood tall and proud in the rain beside his private vehicle, rigid right hand held steadily to his U.S. Army BDU...

Garrett: Much to be thankful for, even if we often aren’t

I was in a bad mood Saturday evening. I was cold, tired and wet . . . really wet. Myself and 90,000 others had just endured...

Oden: The last days of Good Dog

The last days of the best dog ever in our family were full of happiness but pain and fear, too. Mason Leviticus Oden, the...

Garrett: Spider invasion proves to be a headache

I keep a .357 magnum revolver next to my bed, just in case. “Just in case” can mean a lot of things. A hopped-up-on-meth intruder who...

Oden: Some marketing and PR advice for the KKK

Being selected for membership in a well-known fraternal organization, one with roots in history and known across the world, is a heady experience. This...

Our Viewpoint: Enough is enough

Oneida Family Motel is a haven for crime. If its owners are unwilling or unable to clean it up, its time to take the next step

Oden: Beware of generous neighbors bearing tomatoes

I knew they were at home. Cars were in the driveway. Curtains twitched at the windows as if someone had peeked out. I could hear the...

Garrett: Poop and dinner go hand-in-hand with Baby

I had forgotten what it was like to talk about poop over dinner. Except for when our entire family is gathered and I intentionally launch into...

Our View: State’s scaled-back plans for Alberta Street do little to solve problem

Any old farmer worth his salt will tell you that you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. So local motorists should probably...

Garrett: Seed ticks make late summer miserable

I told you a couple of weeks ago that yellow jackets are the satan spawn of the fall season. That’s only partially true. The whole truth is...
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