Oden: Shady enjoyment during the shank of the evening

No one in their right mind would argue that air conditioning wasn’t an economic and social game-changer in southern Appalachia. I’ve written before about...

Garrett: N-S's investment in Scott County is a big deal

When Norfolk-Southern’s circa World War I steam engine chugged into town along the N-S line shortly after noon Saturday, it marked the fifth time...

Garrett: Spider invasion proves to be a headache

I keep a .357 magnum revolver next to my bed, just in case.“Just in case” can mean a lot of things. A hopped-up-on-meth intruder who...

Roy: A farewell to Freeman

I can’t remember the first time I saw Freeman Walker, but I’ll never forget our last conversation.I guess it’s been 30 years or more...

Oden: Putting old Sling Blade to rest for the final time

Terminal condition is how to best describe the status of the old acquaintance of mine who lingered through the fall months before succumbing to...

McElroy: Public notices on gov't websites won't cut it

By Jack McElroyIn recent years, the General Assembly has considered amending the way public notices are handled in Tennessee. This is understandable. The communications...

Our View: Tennessee wasn’t ready, again, and that’s unfair to students and teachers alike

Students were ready. Teachers were ready.The Tennessee Department of Education, as it turned out, wasn’t ready.Or, perhaps more accurately, the Tennessee Department of Education...

Oden: Checkers is much more than a game of ‘king me’

Checkers is a board game that some upper-crust, highly educated elites denigrate when compared to chess, “The Game of Kings.” But in Appalachia, the...

Our View: Senate committee was right to reject ATV fee bill

It’s a bit ironic that the Tennessee Senate’s Transportation & Safety Committee was looking out for non-residents of Scott County when it rejected a...

Oden: He proved that there is a heaven

To make a point early in this recollection of a fine man and friend, I must confess that religious sects and doctrines have never...
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