Garrett: Seed ticks make late summer miserable

I told you a couple of weeks ago that yellow jackets are the satan spawn of the fall season.That’s only partially true.The whole truth is...

Oden: Some marketing and PR advice for the KKK

Being selected for membership in a well-known fraternal organization, one with roots in history and known across the world, is a heady experience. This...

Garrett: Heavy rains turned Norris into a tourist sideshow

There was a lot of dam traffic in Norris last week.Starting at mid-week, when the Tennessee Valley Authority opened the spillway on Norris Dam...

Garrett: Cold stops being fun as you get older

I hate cold weather.It isn’t a deep, abiding, despise-it-with-every-fiber-of-my-being hate. Not yet, at least. But it’s getting there.The older I get, the harder it is...

Our view: Candidate decisions best left to voters

“The Independent Herald will not endorse candidates for political office, but will make every attempt to keep our readers aware of who those candidates...

Garrett: Campfires, katydids and world peace

I imagine the woods were a lonely place for prehistoric humankind who had yet to discover what happens when you touch a butane lighter...

Garrett: Parenting advice is plentiful on Facebook

You don’t have to search too hard on social media to find advice about how to raise your children.As a matter of fact, you...

Oden: The power of pickling

I found a gift on my desk last week. It was something unexpected and never before experienced in my six-plus decades. Knowing I am...

Our View: Who pays for Litton Covered Bridge Road?

Scott County has won its legal battle to keep Litton Covered Bridge Road open. Now it must be prepared to pay for it.

Garrett: We’re too quick to link weather to climate change

I’m not a climate change denier.It’s fair to say that I’m a skeptic — if only because I’m not convinced the warmth that is...
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