Garrett: Campfires, katydids and world peace

I imagine the woods were a lonely place for prehistoric humankind who had yet to discover what happens when you touch a butane lighter...

Our View: Who pays for Litton Covered Bridge Road?

Scott County has won its legal battle to keep Litton Covered Bridge Road open. Now it must be prepared to pay for it.

Oden: The power of pickling

I found a gift on my desk last week. It was something unexpected and never before experienced in my six-plus decades. Knowing I am...

Garrett: Cold stops being fun as you get older

I hate cold weather. It isn’t a deep, abiding, despise-it-with-every-fiber-of-my-being hate. Not yet, at least. But it’s getting there. The older I get, the harder it is...

Garrett: Would better shampoo make men’s hair hold on longer?

Have you ever noticed that the number of bald women is far disproportionate to the number of bald men? I don’t see many bald women,...

Our View: Gas tax proposal is fair solution to Tennessee’s road needs

A December poll conducted by Vanderbilt University found a plurality of Tennesseans in support of Gov. Bill Haslam’s long-anticipated proposal for an increase in the...

Garrett: Sports are beneficial to our youth

Is there a better tool than youth sports for helping our children build confidence, develop social skills, and learn life lessons? I would argue that...

Garrett: Bleacher butt is a real condition

Bleacher Butt Syndrome is real. Seriously. The Free Dictionary by Farlex,, has an entry for it. And, if you want the technical breakdown, Bleacher...

Garrett: On bleacher butt prevention, giving in and giving up

It’s been less than a year since I wrote — mostly tongue-in-cheek — about Bleacher Butt Syndrome, a real condition that is described at...

Garrett: Too many people makes vacation a chore

Saying that Panama City Beach, Fla., is commercialized is like saying sweet tea is sweet, or that ice cream is cold. But the level of...
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