Garrett: We're tethered to those too lazy to dispose of their trash

Saying they’re “fed up” with litter on Scott County’s roadsides, a few Scott Countians have mobilized over the past several weeks to clean up...

Garrett: We’re too quick to link weather to climate change

I’m not a climate change denier. It’s fair to say that I’m a skeptic — if only because I’m not convinced the warmth that is...

Garrett: Sears’ demise is continuation of changing times

I can’t help but reminisce about Sears. I’m not old enough to remember the Sears Roebuck heyday, but I do remember sitting down in my grandmother’s...

Roy: Personal memories of Senator Baker

The first time I saw Howard H. Baker, Jr., in person he was at the meat department at Scott Foods in Oneida with one...

Oden: Coming out of the closet with big cat sighting

Several years ago on a snowy winter afternoon in Tennessee, I saw something cross the road in front of my truck that caused me...

Oden: There’s nothing wrong with redneck fishing

Howell Raines, former New York Times executive editor and author of several books on fly-fishing and politics, always impressed me, not always positively. He...

Smith: It’s time to do the right thing

By Tim Smith Let me begin by saying I made a mistake in the naming of the petition that was posted online. The petition was...

Oden: Sucker run was a rite of passage

The river ran fast and frigid, ice chunks rattling the wooden skiff’s sides as my father navigated between snowy banks with a pair of...

Oden: Lawman Bass Reeves was bigger than life or fiction

The expert historian and genealogist on the paternal side of my family is also my late father’s youngest brother. He is the source of...

Garrett: Assigning blame amid America’s political war

Writing for the Detroit Free Press on Sunday, Rochelle Riley urged voters to vote against “hate” when they headed to the polls for Tuesday’s...
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