Garrett: The importance of vigilant parenting on Monday

When the Scott County School System and the Oneida Special School District opted to dismiss classes prior to the onset of Monday's solar eclipse,...

Garrett: Poop and dinner go hand-in-hand with Baby

I had forgotten what it was like to talk about poop over dinner. Except for when our entire family is gathered and I intentionally launch into...

Garrett: Spirit of law can't diminish spirit of Christianity

When the mic went hot at Dr. M.E. Thompson Field Friday evening, Kevin Acres’ routine was a little bit different. Acres, who has served as...

Garrett: Tourism promotion will help grow Scott

In a news release from the Scott County Chamber of Commerce Monday morning regarding the new brand of Scott County’s tourism efforts, Brandon Hughett...

Editorial: The importance of obituaries

Aside from the front page, the single most-read page of the newspaper is the obituaries page. Readers care about obituaries because the people featured...

Oden: Spring's frog orgies taught us about biology

Mr. Bonesall — students nicknamed him “Bonesaw” — was a hulking Marine Corps combat veteran with a crew cut and tattooed arms. His icy...

Garrett: Seed ticks make late summer miserable

I told you a couple of weeks ago that yellow jackets are the satan spawn of the fall season. That’s only partially true. The whole truth is...

Garrett: Heavy rains turned Norris into a tourist sideshow

There was a lot of dam traffic in Norris last week. Starting at mid-week, when the Tennessee Valley Authority opened the spillway on Norris Dam...

Our view: Thompson’s obituary didn’t tell the whole story

The obituary was short, simple, and to the point. B. Ray Thompson Jr., who died of a stroke on June 29 at the age of...

Our view: Candidate decisions best left to voters

“The Independent Herald will not endorse candidates for political office, but will make every attempt to keep our readers aware of who those candidates...
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