Oden: Granny helped me sell my first magazine article

One of the earliest stories I ever sold to a magazine was a piece about weather folklore. In fact, the article centered on the...

Oden: Why I picked up a shotgun after four years

The last time I picked up a shotgun and turkey call was four years ago, almost to the day that my last tag was...

Boyd’s prep for ’18 campaign begins

The worst-kept secret in Tennessee politics appears to be on the verge of being spilled. Randy Boyd's resignation Monday as the state's commissioner of the...

Our View: Hospital will not survive without community buy-in

When news broke that the long-awaited reopening date of Scott County’s hospital had been set for Aug. 8, it didn’t take long for someone...

Oden: Make sure you have clean drawers when you move

My late wife was always the one who supervised the family’s home relocations. She was the brigadier general of boxing, the captain of caching...

Garrett: Poop and dinner go hand-in-hand with Baby

I had forgotten what it was like to talk about poop over dinner. Except for when our entire family is gathered and I intentionally launch into...

Letter: Manager's salary overstated

Editor: During the March 21 meeting of the Oneida City Council concerning restructuring the Water and Sewer Department, the issue of savings realized by the...

Oden: Dragonfly bus brings back memories of aspiring ‘hippieness’

Way back in the day when I had shoulder-length hair, wore bell-bottom jeans, and played electric guitar in a garage band, my aspiration was...

Garrett: Sun doesn’t lie; winter is on borrowed time

In this bleakest, dullest, darkest time of the year, there’s comfort in photoperiodism. Once the winter solstice occurs just before Christmas, the days begin to...

Our view: Thompson’s obituary didn’t tell the whole story

The obituary was short, simple, and to the point. B. Ray Thompson Jr., who died of a stroke on June 29 at the age of...
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