Sexton: Freedom vs. safety

By Gary Sexton The anti gun zealots are out in full force once again promising the American people safety and security in exchange for freedom....

Oden: Sucker run was a rite of passage

The river ran fast and frigid, ice chunks rattling the wooden skiff’s sides as my father navigated between snowy banks with a pair of...

Roy: Personal memories of Senator Baker

The first time I saw Howard H. Baker, Jr., in person he was at the meat department at Scott Foods in Oneida with one...

Garrett: Stay out! This is my room!

If twins are supposed to share some sort of special sibling bond, mine apparently didn’t get the memo. My son has a heart approximately the...

Garrett: Poop and dinner go hand-in-hand with Baby

I had forgotten what it was like to talk about poop over dinner. Except for when our entire family is gathered and I intentionally launch into...

Oden: The small birds with big attitude

This spring, a pair of Carolina wrens has claimed my backyard patio and deck as their territory. They jealousy guard each square foot of...

Oden: Portraits of Oden and PTO in the crosshairs

The painting of Jesus Christ had hung in the school entrance over the door for 76 years, across from a “Hall of Honor” portrait...

Garrett: In mud puddle is sign of spring

I had to look close to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Clinging to a tree root in a mud...

Oden: Coming out of the closet with big cat sighting

Several years ago on a snowy winter afternoon in Tennessee, I saw something cross the road in front of my truck that caused me...

Garrett: Butch Jones faces the biggest game of his career

In a little less than six weeks, the University of Tennessee football team will travel south on I-75 to Atlanta for a Labor Day...
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