Garrett: I agree with Donald Trump

President Trump’s Twitter feed is like a bad car wreck. It is a sort of poetic meshing of tragedy and drama that you can’t...

A microcosm of human life and drama in the aisles of Walmart

“Maintenance with a mop and bucket to the lingerie department,” blared the loudspeaker at Walmart.Several of us waiting in the checkout lanes – old...

Hiking is good for the body and the soul

The daffodils are popping, the sun isn’t setting until well after 6 p.m., and interest in hiking is piquing.

The art of spending more and getting less

Doesn’t it seem like we pay more and get less for goods and services? Maybe you haven’t noticed. The disparity would not...

Garrett: Nightly trips to Mayberry

Mild insomniacs the world over have their own methods of finding sleep: the age-old tactic of counting sheep, imagining a relaxing scene,...

TDOT is doing us few favors with revised road plans

“Spot improvements” has become the most worrisome phrase in TDOT vocabulary. Under the pretense of throwing a bone to local communities while canceling once-promising highway...

A talk with Santa

By Bob CramptonHello Santa,We need to talk.  Actually, maybe I need to talk and I’d like you to listen.  You see, in 2016, right...

Oden: Shady enjoyment during the shank of the evening

No one in their right mind would argue that air conditioning wasn’t an economic and social game-changer in southern Appalachia. I’ve written before about...

Garrett: Assigning blame amid America’s political war

Writing for the Detroit Free Press on Sunday, Rochelle Riley urged voters to vote against “hate” when they headed to the polls for Tuesday’s...

Garrett: Sears’ demise is continuation of changing times

I can’t help but reminisce about Sears.I’m not old enough to remember the Sears Roebuck heyday, but I do remember sitting down in my grandmother’s...
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