Family Justice Center meets domestic violence head-on

Perhaps it was planned, perhaps it was coincidental. Either way, the timing of the Scott County Family Justice Center’s public forum last week was fitting. October is Domestic Violence Awareness...

Robbins man convicted in homicide case

HUNTSVILLE — A Robbins man who shot and killed a Clinton man nearly two years ago was convicted on homicide charges here last week. William Clinton Robbins, 45, of the...

Man charged in sex crime at Oneida motel

A 40-year-old Winfield man was charged with aggravated statutory rape after allegedly engaging sexually with a 15-year-old girl at the Oneida Family Motel.

Six nabbed in meth ice bust

Six suspects, mostly from Kentucky, were arrested in a methamphetamine ice bust in Winfield last week. A seventh suspect is still being sought.

Caryville man arrested in campground assault

A Caryville man was arrested after allegedly assaulting his wife and father-in-law at a Big South Fork campground on Sunday.

Scott County Jail goes to the Town of Huntsville

Scott County handed the old county jail over to the Town of Huntsville on Monday without fanfare or discussion.

BSF continues wild hog research

BANDY CREEK — Wild hogs can be harvested during deer season with the appropriate weapon legal for that season and during an extended season that lasts from the end...

Man charged with sexual battery at Oneida Family Motel

An Oneida man has been charged with sexual battery after allegedly entering the room of a resident at the Oneida Family Motel and making unwanted advancements on the tenant. John...

Man arrested after wheelchair rampage

An Oneida man is facing several felony charges after allegedly injuring multiple people and a pet with his wheelchair. Randal J. West, 53, of Oneida, was arrested Thursday and charged...

Attorneys general file lawsuit against opioid manufacturers

HUNTSVILLE — The district attorneys general of Tennessee's Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Judicial Districts, which includes Scott and neighboring counties, have jointly filed a lawsuit against manufacturers...

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