Two from Blount County were arrested on drug trafficking charges in Oneida Friday, following a covert drug operation by local police.

Charity Faith Tucker, 18, of Maryville, and Caden Breeden, 18, of Louisville, Tenn., were arrested at the Oneida Food Court Friday evening, allegedly with nearly seven grams of methamphetamine in their possession.

According to arrest warrants filed by OPD Drug Agent Bill Miller, a meeting had been set up with Tucker and Breeden to purchase an 8-ball of meth, or 3.4 grams of the illicit drug.

The suspects allegedly told Miller — not knowing he was a cop — to meet them at the Food Court on U.S. Hwy. 27 on the south side of town.

Miller wrote in the warrants that he watched the couple’s vehicle pull into the parking lot and, after confirming it to belong to his suspects, conducted a “take-down” of the vehicle. Breeden was allegedly driving the vehicle, while Tucker allegedly had a syringe and a bag of meth in her lap, while a set of scales set on the vehicle’s console.

Tucker allegedly admitted to Miller that she and Breeden were in Oneida to sell meth.

Oneida Police Department’s Aaron Johnson, Steve Trammell and Tony Jones assisted with the bust, along with Scott County Sheriff’s Department Drug Agent Tyler Johnson.

Both Tucker and Breeden were charged with sell and delivery of methamphetamine, and possession of meth for resale. Breeden was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

In a separate case, three suspects from Knox County were apprehended on Thursday and charged after allegedly meeting an OPD operative to sell marijuana.

Dashawn E. Smith, 18, of Knoxville; Stephanie P. Hoover, 18, of Knoxville; and Brittany R. Lunsford, 20, of Powell, were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to warrants, Miller set up the meeting to purchase an ounce of weed from the trio. When the suspects arrived in Oneida from Knox County, Miller conducted a traffic stop on their vehicle. Apparently unaware that he was speaking to his “buyer,” Smith allegedly told Miller — when asked about marijuana — that he had brought an ounce of weed to Oneida to sell for $300.

Officers — which included OPD’s Trammell and Dustin Burke, and the SCSD’s Johnson — recovered an ounce of marijuana, along with a variety of paraphernalia used to smoke the weed.