Four people were arrested in connection with a series of minor theft cases in Oneida last week, including one that involved a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

The arrests resulted from short investigations by Oneida Police Department.

Darrell L. Harness, 37, of Robbins, was arrested Thursday after allegedly stealing a handgun and a checkbook from the vehicle of a motorist who gave him a ride to Oneida.

Harness was arrested after police were summoned to United Cumberland Bank regarding the alleged theft. 

The motorist told Oneida Police Department Agent Bill Miller that Harness took a Glock Model 22 .40-caliber handgun from the vehicle, along with the checkbook, while he was out at the bank. 

Miller caught up with Harness and allegedly found the handgun and a couple of .40-caliber rounds in his possession. Harness allegedly admitted taking the handgun, saying that he took it out of fear because the victim had pointed it at him and threatened him.

Harness, who has a criminal record, was charged with theft and unlawful possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.

In a separate case, a Jamestown woman wound up in jail following the alleged theft of low-cost merchandise from Walmart.

Mandy N. Hicks, 37, of Jamestown, was arrested Monday, March 25, after an alleged shoplifting incident. A loss prevention officer at the store allegedly watched Hicks conceal several items on her person. When OPD Patrolman Chad Jones caught up with Hicks, she allegedly had a 20-volt battery in her pocket and other items — totaling $277 in value — in a black bag. 

Because Hicks had previously been charged with shoplifting at a Walmart in Georgia, she was charged with criminal trespassing in addition to theft.

A similar case on Sunday resulted in the arrests of two more women.

Tammy K Daugherty, 40, of Helenwood, and Verna M. Meadows, 28, of Whitley City, Ky., were arrested following an investigation by OPD Patrolman Dustin Laxton. 

The two allegedly entered Walmart wearing flip-flops but put on shoes from the store, while placing their original footwear in a bag. Daugherty allegedly had makeup in her purse, which she claimed had come from Teresa’s This & That and had been paid for. However, the makeup had a sticker identifying it as an item that had been placed on clearance by Walmart. Additionally, Meadows allegedly had a pack of bobby pins in her jacket pocket, which she told police that her mother had given her. However, the stock number on the bobby pins allegedly showed that they were still in stock on a shelf inside the store.

Both women allegedly paid for some items they had taken from the store but attempted to take the other items. Both were charged with theft. Daugherty was also charged with criminal trespassing, due to a prior shoplifting incident at a Walmart store.