HUNTSVILLE — An Oneida couple were named in a pair of indictments last week, alleging child abuse involving a child younger than eight years of age.

Capone C. Strange, 21, and Savannah L. Jeffers, age not specified, were indicted by a Scott County grand jury last week. 

Strange was indicted on two charges of aggravated child abuse and neglect involving a child younger than the age of eight, while Jeffers was indicted on a charge of failure to report child abuse.

The indictments followed an investigation by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, Department of Children’s Services and Children’s Center of the Cumberlands.

Allegedly, the abuse involved a young girl, under the age of eight, and occurred between the the dates of December 5 and December 7, 2018.

According to the indictment, Strange is accused of using a hammer to abuse the child, causing “severe bruising.” Jeffers is accused of knowing of the incident but failing to report it to authorities.

Strange was also named in a separate indictment that included three counts of aggravated assault and a count of vandalism, stemming from a February incident in which he allegedly used a hammer and a bowie knife to threaten a family member.

The Strange case wasn’t the only one involving an alleged assault that was considered by the grand jury last week. Adam B. Boshears, 30, of Helenwood, was named in a 16-count indictment that includes charges of domestic assault, aggravated assault, strangulation and false imprisonment.

Boshears was arrested in December, after allegedly brutally beating a woman over a two-day period and threatening to kill his father. 

Information from the time the assault occurred indicated that Boshears brutally beat the woman on December 23 and again on Christmas Eve, at one point rendering her unconscious, before her mother alerted authorities to what was going on.

Boshears was also accused of beating his father and threatening to kill him before the father managed to escape.

Allegedly, Boshears “backhanded” the woman during a verbal argument, then began choking her and slammed her against the wall before taking her to a bedroom inside the residence and telling her to sit in a chair. He then allegedly bent her index finger until it popped, smacked her in the face and shoved his thumb into her eye before twice punching her in the mouth.

Boshears allegedly then used a hickory handle to continue the assault, beating the woman unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she was allegedly being dragged from the home by her feet, down a set of steps and to a four-wheeler, where Boshears told her that he was going to “take her up to the woods to shoot and bury her.”

When Boshears’ father attempted to intervene, Boshears allegedly grabbed him by the throat and told him to take his grandson and leave. 

Fighting resumed the next night, when Boshears’ father again attempted to intervene and was threatened with his life, allegedly. Boshears allegedly forced the older man to walk to a nearby cabin, telling him he was returning to the home for a gun. He allegedly told his father that if he stayed put, “I’ll finish you quick,” or “If you run, I’ll torture you to death.” 

In yet another assault case considered by the grand jury last week, Egbert Lee Hembree, 40, was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and domestic assault. According to the indictment, Hembree is accused of assaulting and strangling a woman he lived with in August 2018.

Separately, Curtis Lee Smith, 57, was indicted on a count of aggravated assault, stemming from an October 2018 incident in which Smith allegedly used a hammer to threaten another man.

Finally, Kalab Andrew Eskew, 35, was indicted on charges of domestic assault, aggravated assault and strangulation, stemming from an August 2018 incident in which he allegedly assaulted a woman living in his home, causing “serious bodily injury,” and threatened her with a knife and a baseball bat.

Among other indictments returned by the grand jury:

• Pete Waid Lawson, 30, was indicted on charges of felony evading arrest, violation of the financial responsibility law, failure to obey a stop sign and speeding, all stemming from a December 2018 incident in which Lawson allegedly fled a Scott County Sheriff’s Department deputy who was attempting to stop his vehicle.

• Randy Duane Sexton, 26, was named in an indictment for aggravated burglary, stemming from a January 18 incident in which he allegedly burglarized a home. Sexton was named in a separate indictment on charges of theft and criminal trespassing, stemming from a December shoplifting incident at Walmart.

• Avery Shawn Smith, 31, was indicted on charges of felony evading arrest, possession of meth, possession of a Schedule III controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of the registration law and introduction of contraband into a penal institution, all stemming from a November 2018 incident in which Smith allegedly fled law enforcement officers and then attempted to take meth into the Scott County Justice Center after his arrest.

• Nicole Shanae Casey, 21, was indicted on a single count of filing a false report, stemming from an October 2018 incident in which she allegedly gave false information to a law enforcement officer. Casey was named in a separate indictment for burglary, theft and criminal trespass, stemming from a September incident in which she allegedly stole items from a private building.