A Helenwood man who allegedly taunted cops about taking him to jail on Thursday wound up exactly there.

Jonathan D. Stevens, 50, of Helenwood, was arrested in the parking lot of McDonald's in Oneida on Thursday, and charged with disorderly conduct.

According to a warrant filed by Oneida Police Department Patrolman Tony Jones, Stevens verbally berated officers as they issued a traffic citation.

Jones wrote in the warrant that OPD Agent Bill Miller was issuing the citation and Stevens — a passenger inside the vehicle — "kept raising his voice and causing a disturbance in the parking lot." Stevens allegedly ignored officers' requests that he calm down, instead becoming more irate. 

After the traffic stop was concluded, Stevens allegedly exited the vehicle and began yelling at Jones and Scott County Sheriff's Department Deputy Tyler Johnson, "Why don't you go arrest drug dealers," and "You must not have anything better to do." 

At one point, Stevens allegedly yelled, "Just take me to jail and leave other people alone."