A resurgence in the number of people being arrested on methamphetamine-related charges continued last week.

One week after more than a dozen people were arrested by Oneida Police Department and the Scott County Sheriff’s Department on charges related to possession of meth, both agencies logged several arrests for meth possession last week. A trio of persons were arrested by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department for having meth for resale, among four meth-related arrests by the department over a seven-day period. And four of nine arrests made last week by Oneida Police Department officers were for the possession of meth.

Three people — identified as Robert Dean Chambers, 28, of Oneida; Adara Storm Rosser, 23, of Oneida; and Bobby Denton Ross, 29, of Oneida — were arrested by Sheriff’s Department deputies following a traffic stop on Saturday.

According to arrest warrants filed by Sheriff’s Department K-9 Deputy Daniel Garrett, the results followed a traffic stop shortly before midnight.

Garrett said he pulled over a car on Airport Road south of Oneida for a tag light violation while on routine patrol. While he was waiting a driver’s license check to come back, he wrote in the warrant, he saw Rosser — a passenger in the back seat of the vehicle — lean over out of sight. As he approached the vehicle, he said, Rosser sat up quickly and said she was getting her cell phone.

In the meantime, Ross had allegedly been digging through a backpack, saying he was looking for his license. Garrett told him he did not need the license — he was not the driver of the vehicle — but Ross continued looking for the license, Garrett said.

As back-up arrived on the scene, Garrett prepared to search the vehicle and said Ross relinquished five syringes. However, deputies found two more syringes under the car’s front passenger seat, one shoved under the dash on the passenger side, two separate bags of meth in the front passenger floor board, and a set of digital scales that had been ripped apart.

Oneida Police Department Drug Agent Bill Miller allegedly found another bag of suspected meth under the driver’s seat. Officers also located $1,000 in cash in the vehicle’s glove box.

According to the warrants, all three occupants of the vehicle denied knowledge of the drugs, and said they did not tamper with the digital scales.

In all, 3.7 grams of meth was recovered from the vehicle.

All three suspects were taken into custody and charged with possession of meth for resale, felony possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence.

In a separate incident, a Jamestown man was arrested Sunday evening on meth possession charges.

Oscar Wayne Lowe, 49, of Jamestown, was arrested by Garrett following a traffic stop on S.R. 52 south of Robbins. According to a warrant, Lowe turned over a container with baggies that had meth residue on them, along with a separate container that had a marijuana roach and loose marijuana, along with a snort straw. Lowe allegedly said there was nothing else illegal inside his vehicle but Garrett allegedly found a bag of meth in the driver’s seat. 

Lowe was charged with possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia. A passenger in the vehicle, Cody Yaden, was cited for simple possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Woman arrested 

inside hospital on meth charges

A woman who locked herself inside a bathroom inside Big South Fork Medical Center on Wednesday, March 6, was among those arrested on meth-related charges in Oneida last week.

Kathy A. Strunk, 37, of Pine Knot, Ky., was arrested by Oneida Police Department Patrolman Dustin Laxton. According to a warrant, someone phoned police to report a car broken down in the entrance road to the hospital. OPD Sgt. Brett Bond arrived on the scene to find that the driver — Strunk — had gone inside the hospital to summon help for her passenger, a man who was reportedly suffering severe back pain.

When Laxton entered the hospital’s emergency room, he was told by employees of the hospital that Strunk had locked herself inside a bathroom after attempting to steal from the vending machine.

When officers confronted the woman, Garrett allegedly saw a bag sticking out of Strunk’s jacket pocket. The bag contained marijuana, according to the warrant. Garrett allegedly found another bag containing Subutex pills, along with a red snort straw containing a white powdery substance.

Inside the vehicle outside the hospital, Laxton allegedly found two marijuana joints, a syringe cap and another snort straw. Pieces of crystal meth were allegedly found throughout the vehicle.

Strunk was charged with possession of meth, possession of Subutex, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft.

Among other meth-related arrests last week:

John G. Chitwood, 49, of Pine Knot, Ky., was arrested by Oneida Police Department K-9 Officer Toby Jeffers following a traffic stop on the Four Lane. He was charged with possession of meth, possession of an open container and registration violation, after an open can of beer and a bag of meth was discovered in the vehicle. 

Derrick J. Overton, 38, of Helenwood, was charged with possession of meth and possession of a Schedule V controlled substance after Miller was summoned to the ETHRA office on West 3rd Avenue with regard to Overton. Miller allegedly found 12 Neurotin tablets and a bag of crystal meth on Overton’s person.

Terry Bryan Bell, 20, of Robbins, was charged with of meth possession and possession of drug paraphernalia after Miller executed an unrelated arrest warrant on Friday. Miller allegedly found Bell in possession of three bags of meth, along with a bag of marijuana.