A second person has been arrested in connection with a fraudulent check case that targeted an Oneida business.

Kenny T. Blevins II, 28, of Strawberry Plains, was arrested on Monday, February 11, and charged with three counts of forgery over $2,500. He is accused of writing bad checks that targeted Miller & Sons Paving of Oneida.

Another man, Michael W. Sells, had already been arrested and charged with four counts of forgery over $2,500.

According to warrants filed by Oneida Police Departent K-9 Officer Toby Jeffers, the two men cashed the bad checks at banks in both Campbell County and Scott County. The total amount of the bad checks was more than $40,000.

On January 23, Blevins allegedly cashed a check in Jacksboro, then less than an hour and a half later cashed another check in Oneida. The following day, he cashed checks at both Oneida and Huntsville.

In total, Blevins allegedly cashed bad checks amounting to $18,083.72.

Both men allegedly provided their driver's license number when cashing the checks. That number was then written on the checks. Police also said they have surveillance video of the two men cashing the checks.