HUNTSVILLE — A Helenwood man is in custody after allegedly brutally beating a woman over a two-day period and threatening to kill his father.

Adam Brian Boshears, 30, of Helenwood, was arrested on Thursday by Scott County Sheriff’s Department deputies following an investigation into allegations of domestic assault. 

According to a report filed by Michelle Sexton, the Sheriff’s Department’s domestic violence officer, the investigation began one day earlier, after the mother of one of the victims alerted authorities that her daughter had been assaulted.

Allegedly, Boshears brutally beat the woman on December 23 and again on December 24, at one point rendering her unconscious. The woman also told investigators that she was beaten by Boshears in July. 

Further, the investigation began, Boshears had beat his father and threatened to kill him before the older man was able to escape.

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