HUNTSVILLE — A truck-climbing lane east of the Pioneer Post Office and turn lanes from the east end of Huntsville to Fairview are among improvements likely coming to S.R. 63.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation announced last week that it is canceling a proposal to widen S.R. 63 from two lanes to four lanes from Huntsville to Interstate 75 at Caryville, instead focusing on “site-specific improvements.” And while the state agency did not specify what those improvements might be, Scott County Mayor Jeff Tibbals said turn lanes and an additional truck-climbing lane are likely, based on information presented by TDOT in a recent meeting.

Tibbals, who was in attendance at that meeting, said that the transportation department is focusing on “turning lanes and safety improvements” from Annadale Road to Norma Road, and a truck-climbing lane from near Pioneer Post Office to near Stinking Creek Road on the Campbell County side.

Those proposed improvements are currently going through the environmental approval stage of the process, Tibbals said.

The corridor from Annadale Road to Norma Road includes the accident-prone intersection on the west end near Capital Hill, along with Fairview School and three major businesses — Scenic Foods, Lee’s Food Mart and DJ’s Pitstop.

An east-bound truck-climbing lane at Pioneer would be the fourth such third lane for east-bound traffic between Huntsville and the interstate. Currently, there are east-bound truck-climbing lanes near Paint Rock Creek, Buffalo Creek, and along the Scott-Campbell county line. There are west-bound truck-climbing lanes near the county line, between the intersections of M.L. Chambers Loop Road, and near Buffalo Creek.