HUNTSVILLE — A proposed widening of S.R. 63 is off the table, the Tennessee Department of Transportation is informing the public this week.

In a public notice advertisement being published this week, TDOT announced that it will not widen S.R. 63 from Huntsville to Interstate 75 from two lanes to four lanes. Instead, the agency said, it will perform “improvements at site-specific locations along the highway through Scott and Campbell counties.

A proposed widening of the highway — the thoroughfare that links Oneida and Huntsville to I-75 — has been on the table for the better part of a decade. In 2011, the Federal Highway Administration approved an Environmental Assessment for the 17-mile stretch of highway beginning at the end of the current four-lane section in Huntsville, just east of the town’s elementary-middle school complex, and continuing to I-75’s Exit 141 in Caryville.

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