2018-2019 Highlanders: The Scott Highlanders basketball squad consists of, first row (left to right): Mason Owens, Bryson Russ, Kadon Babb, J D Lauderdale, Tim Caldwell and Noah Buttram. Second row: River Gray, Skylar Smith, Logan Goodman, Jon Hayden Strunk, Cash Tucker, Trey Morrow, Trevor McCarty, Caleb Jeffers, Luke West and Eli Storey | LeEtta Boyatt/IH

Six seniors, gone. Eighty-five percent of the team’s scoring, gone. Only two players with significant varsity experience from the 2017-2018 season back.

That’s how things stand for Scott High head coach Jordan Jeffers as his Highlanders prepare to tip off the 2018-2019 season. At times during the summer, Jeffers started as many as three freshmen together — almost unheard of at the Class AA level.

You might think that’s a recipe that would keep a coach awake at night. But if Jeffers has any dread as the season rapidly approaches it, you don’t sense it. 

Jeffers likes his young talent. More than that, he likes his mix of young talent and returning experience. When freshmen are on the floor, he says, he’ll have guys around them who have been in his system for several years; guys he can trust. 

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