2018-2019 Indians: Oneida’s team consists of, first row (left to right): Jacob Hamby, Lucas Chamberlain, Eli Manis, Nate Bowling, Kolby Morgan, Luke Carson, Trenton Clark, Heath Hutchison, Chancery Botts and Jonathan Chambers. Second row: Head coach Jacob King, Bryson Buttram, Hunter Hutchison, Elijah West, Dalton Yancey, Jordan Perry, Reece Marcum, Andrew Dewitt, assistant coach Torrey Slaven and assistant coach Jason Perry | Ben Garrett/IH

If you knew a team had lost seven seniors, including five who were in the primary rotation on gamedays, from a squad that failed to advance to the regionals, yet was expected to contend for a district championship despite those losses, you might scoff.

But those around District 3-A who are scoffing at the prospect of Oneida — which hasn’t had a winning season in five years and last advanced past the first round of the district tournament in 2014 — might not be scoffing long.

The Indians finished 14-15 last year, losing to Coalfield by 22 points in the district quarterfinals.

But that snapshot doesn’t tell the complete story of the 2017-2018 season. The Indians finished 10-6 in district games, their best record in league play since the 2013-2014 season, when they finished 9-3. Several of those six losses could just as easily have been wins, such as a 1-point loss to Wartburg, a 3-point loss to Coalfield and a 5-point loss to Oakdale.

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