[Editor's Note — Under the law, "rape of a child" is not limited to intercourse but includes any form of penetration involving a child under the age of 13. To protect the victims in child sex abuse cases, the Independent Herald does not reveal the explicit details of the allegations.]

HUNTSVILLE — An accused child molester who had previously been indicted on dozens of criminal charges is facing even more charges, after the case against him was taken back before a Scott County grand jury last week.

Christopher Nicol Cox, 38, now faces more than 100 felony charges, resulting from a new indictment handed down by a grand jury two weeks ago as prosecutors continue to build a detailed case against the Scott County man. The charges are serious enough to perhaps guarantee that Cox will never again be a free man if he is convicted.

Authorities have alleged that Cox raped and sexually abused four girls, all of them under the age of 13, over a 5-year period that began in January 2012 and continued until December 2016, when Cox spurred a nationwide manhunt by fleeing Scott County amid an investigation into the alleged sex crimes. He was eventually arrested in Oklahoma and extradited back to Huntsville, where he has remained in custody since.

With the renewed indictment, Cox is now facing an astounding 92 counts of raping a child, 12 counts of aggravated sexual battery, five counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child, and two counts of sexual battery.

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