An Oneida man who was already in legal hot water found himself in further trouble last week, when he was arrested on accusations of shoplifting at Walmart.

Kevin S. Perkins, 42, of Plateau Drive in Oneida, was arrested Tuesday, September 18, after one of the store’s loss prevention officers discovered Perkins concealing items inside his clothing.

According to an arrest warrant filed by Oneida Police Department Officer Toby Jeffers, Perkins told officers he was stealing items from the store to pay for his court costs from a prior case.

In all, Jeffers allegedly found Perkins in possession of nearly $200 in merchandise, including a machete, several other knives, blue tooth devices and a cell phone.

In addition, Walmart had video evidence from four days prior, which allegedly showed Perkins stealing more than $700 in merchandise from the store.

Perkins was charged with two counts of misdemeanor theft. He was also charged with criminal trespass, since he had been previously ordered by Walmart not to be in the company’s stores due to a shoplifting incident.