HUNTSVILLE — A Robbins man has been charged with domestic assault, after authorities say he "busted (his wife's) head" after accusing her of cheating on him.

Cody Ryen Lloyd, 27, of Robbins, was arrested Monday, three days after the alleged assault took place.

According to an arrest warrant filed by Scott County Sheriff's Department Deputy Casey Geisler, the incident began when Lloyd attempted to force his wife to provide him access to her phone so that he could check her social media accounts.

"She states he grabbed her phone and made her go to the bathroom to unlock it for him so he could check her social media accounts because (he) accused her of cheating," Geisler wrote in the warrant.

When the woman attempted to leave their West Robbins Road home, Lloyd allegedly assaulted her.

"She states when he tried to leave he hit her, then grabbed her by the head and pushed her into the wall and busted her head," the warrant stated. "After that he left with her car to take his two children to their mother's house."

Upon his arrival, Geisler called for an ambulance to evaluate the woman, and she was transported by paramedics to Big South Fork Medical Center ER.

According to the warrant, Lloyd admitted to "grabbing her by the hair and pushing her down" when he was arrested.