Two Oneida residents were arrested and charged with possession of drugs for resale Friday afternoon, after they were discovered in the company of a third person who had an active arrest warrant on him.

Adrian Watters, 19, and Clara Rhode, 19, both of Oneida, were arrested after attempting to flee law enforcement officers on foot. Both were allegedly found in possession of drugs that had been packaged for resale.

According to arrest warrants filed by Oneida Police Department Drug Agent Bill Miller, Watters and Rhode were in a vehicle with Tanner Strunk, who was wanted by authorities on an active arrest warrant. Miller spotted the vehicle and recognized Strunk as the trio traveled through Oneida. He wrote in the warrants that he turned on the vehicle and notified other officers of the vehicle’s whereabouts.

Moments later, another officer spotted the vehicle traveling through the Burchfield school zone on West Third Avenue. Shortly after that, authorities located the vehicle at a residence on Anderson Street. However, all three occupants had fled on foot.

According to Miller, Watters and Rhode were located near the residence. “In the immediate area” of Watters, Miller wrote in the warrant, were two syringes and small container with two baggies of methamphetamine “packaged in a manner indicative of the sale of narcotics.” 

Allegedly, Watters admitted to Miller that he had been using meth, and had injection marks on his arms.

Meanwhile, officers allegedly found both marijuana and meth in Rhode’s purse, with both “packaged in a manner indicative of the sale of narcotics,” according to the warrants.

Authorities were unable to locate Strunk, who allegedly separated from Rhode and Watters at the residence where they stopped their vehicle.

The home’s owner told authorities that Rhode and Watters had been informed they were not welcome and should not return to the residence.

Rhode was charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance for resale, possession of a schedule VI controlled substance for resale, violation of the Drug Free School Zone Act, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Watters was charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance for resale, violation of the Drug Free School Zone Act, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Theft allegation leads to drug arrest: A Huntsville man was arrested last week and charged with possessing drugs for resale, after what initially began as an investigation into allegations that he had stolen money.

Gregory Blake White, 24, of Huntsville, was not charged with theft. However, he was charged with possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance and felony possession of drug paraphernalia after an investigating law enforcement officer discovered the items on his person.

The investigation, which took place on Monday, August 27, was conducted by Scott County Sheriff's Department Deputy Casey Geisler. According to an arrest warrant, a woman visited the Scott County Justice Center in Huntsville to accuse White of stealing $700 when he moved out of her apartment two days earlier.

Geisler and Deputy Daniel Garrett visited White's residence at South Fork Apartments, where they conducted a search for the stolen money with White's consent. During the search, White handed over a black case with three grams of marijuana, and an assortment of drug paraphernalia that included scales, a grinder, lighter, rolling papers, and several plastic baggies with missing corners, according to the warrant. Three aluminum cans that had been used for smoking marijuana were also found in the apartment.

The money that had allegedly been stolen was not located, and White denied taking the money.