HUNTSVILLE — A Sunbright woman was arrested last week after being found in possession of crystal methamphetamine that she allegedly claimed to have discovered inside her vehicle.

Paula J. Newport, 44, of Sunbright, was charged with possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia and minor traffic offenses following her arrest by Scott County Sheriff's Department Interdiction Officer Keith Hawkins.

According to a warrant filed by Hawkins on Aug. 6, he was on patrol in the Robbins area when he encountered Newport driving without a seatbelt. As he attempted to stop Newport's vehicle, Hawkins wrote, she turned onto Kilenbeck Cemetery Road, finally stopping after he pulled alongside her vehicle with his siren on.

Allegedly, Newport gave Hawkins consent to search her vehicle, but acted nervously as he was doing so. As she removed her hand from her pocket, Hawkins, wrote, a snorting straw fell to the ground. 

Hawkins and Drug Agent Kris Lewallen recovered a bag of crystal meth from Newport. She allegedly told them that she found the meth in her car as Hawkins was pulling her over. However, she also told officers she would fail a drug test for meth.