An Oneida man who allegedly used his car keys to open the packaging of merchandise he was attempting to steal from Walmart landed himself in jail Thursday evening when he lost those keys and could not get away from the store.

Hollis E. Kuhling, 21, of a Stanley Street address, was apprehended without incident in the parking lot of the Oneida Walmart store shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday evening. According to an arrest warrant filed by Oneida Police Department Investigator Dustin Burke, Kuhling became stranded at the store after losing his keys.

Kuhling’s alleged effort to steal items from the store ended when an employee realized what was happening and phoned police. When Burke and fellow investigator Bill Miller walked into the store minutes later, Kuhling allegedly left the store. However, he was unable to get into his locked vehicle because he lost his keys inside the store. Video surveillance allegedly showed him using the keys to open packages of merchandise.

As law enforcement officers searched for Kuhling for about an hour, he remained in the parking lot of the store, unable to leave. According to the warrant, he summoned his wife to the store, then sat in her vehicle to avoid detection while she went into the store to search for his keys. 

Once cops apprehended Kuhling, they took him to the store’s loss prevention office, where he was shown surveillance video that allegedly showed him taking items from their packaging. According to the warrant, he denied stealing the items, even while watching the video.

The warrant did not specify whether the keys were located.

Kuhling was one of just three persons arrested on theft charges after attempting to steal from the Walmart store last week.

On Friday, an Oneida woman was charged after allegedly stealing children’s toys from the store. 

Casey Alaine Terry, 36, of Terry Road, was arrested by OPD Sgt. David Lee Stephens after being summoned to the store by a loss prevention employee. 

Allegedly, the employee watched Terry steal children’s toys — valued at $25 — by concealing them in her purse and leaving the store without paying for them. 

According to an arrest warrant, Terry had previously been arrested for shoplifting at Walmart in Jamestown, and had been ordered not to return to any Walmart store. For that reason, she was charged with criminal trespassing in addition to theft.

Also last week, a Robbins man was arrested on theft charges stemming from an alleged shoplifting incident that occurred in April.

Howard Quinton Griffith, 35, was charged in connection with an April 23 incident. According to an arrest warrant filed by Miller, a loss prevention employee saw Griffith conceal a tool belt, and surveillance video showed him leaving the store without paying for it. 

Winfield man faces theft charges: A Pine Grove man is facing charges of theft and credit card fraud after allegedly stealing the credit card information of a coworker.

Dana A. Anderson, 28, of Winfield, has been arrested on charges that were originally filed last month, after investigators determined that he had been using credit card information illegally obtained from a woman he had worked with at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken in Oneida.

The victim told investigators that she had worked with Anderson for a few months, and that she realized after looking at her bank statement that she was “missing a considerable amount of money,” according to a warrant filed by Burke.

After looking more closely at her account, the victim discovered that purchases had been made on her account from retailers such as Amazon,, Straight Talk and others. After making contact with those companies in an effort to figure out who was using her credit card, the victim was able to determine that Anderson had been making fraudulent purchases over the course of almost two months.