An Oneida man has been charged with indecent exposure after allegedly dropping his pants in view of traffic in the middle of town on Independence Day.

Teddy S. Norris, 45, of Oneida, was arrested shortly after 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 4, after allegedly exposing himself near Alberta Street's Oak Grove intersection.

According to a report filed by Oneida Police Department Patrolman Aaron Johnson, a man called authorities to report that Norris "had dropped his pants and shook his privates at him and his family as they sat in traffic." 

Johnson and fellow officer Tony Jones were dispatched to the location, where they encountered Norris. The man allegedly did not deny the allegations, admitting to the officers that "he did show his privates because he thought that the women in the truck were sexy."

Norris was also charged with disorderly conduct.

Four arrested in assaults: Four people were arrested in two separate domestic violence cases over the holiday, according to warrants filed by Oneida Police Department.

In the first incident, John C. Allen, 31, and his girlfriend, Samantha C. Lowe, 25, were both charged with domestic assault after officers responded to their Stanley Street home in response to a call. There, they found injuries to both suspects, including a cut on Allen's nose and a knot on Lowe's forehead. Allen allegedly told officers that the fight started because he had been talking to another woman on the phone. Both Allen and Lowe told officers they were defending themselves.

The same day, two brothers — Michael Allison, 51, and Felton Marchman, 34, were arrested following a fight at a Skating Rink Hollow residence. Marchman told police that his older brother had pulled a knife as they fought, taunting him and trying to entice him to exit the residence so he could cut him. Marchman admitted to throwing the first punch in the altercation, leading to charges against him, as well. He was charged with domestic assault, while Allison was charged with aggravated assault.