Would-be burglar subdued by homeowner

Handcuffed Suspect

A would-be burglar landed in jail early Sunday morning after attempting to enter his targeted home without knowing the home’s owner was present, according to arrest warrants.

Marion Kelly Marcum, 36, was arrested shortly before 6 a.m. Sunday morning, after attempting to enter the Niggs Creek Road home of an acquaintance.

According to warrants filed by Scott County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Darcy Phillips, law enforcement was dispatched to a Niggs Creek Road home around 5:53 a.m. Sunday morning, in response to an active burglary in which the home’s owner was actively fighting with the alleged perpetrator in an effort to subdue him.

Upon arrival, Phillips noted in the warrant, the homeowner had subdued Marcum, who had allegedly been drinking.

The homeowner told officers that he was asleep inside when he heard someone beating at his door. When he got up to see who it was, Marcum was allegedly ripping up plants outside the residence. Marcum then allegedly walked onto the porch and entered the residence, not realizing the homeowner was inside.

The homeowner told law enforcement that he ordered Marcum to leave, and that Marcum responded by grabbing the homeowner’s glasses and breaking them.

Marcum was charged with burglary, vandalism, assault, criminal trespass and public intoxication.

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