A 47-year-old Kentucky man has been arrested after allegedly taking trees and landscaping timbers from the Oneida Walmart store and selling them at a flea market in his home state.

Darren R. Strunk, 47, Parkers Lake, Ky., was arrested Wednesday, June 20, on an outstanding warrant that was issued last month.

Strunk allegedly took 50 timbers from the Walmart store, along with dogwood trees and Japanese maple trees. 

Sometime in May, Strunk allegedly stole seven of the maple trees, valued at $79 each, from Walmart, along with 23 dogwoods, which retail for $29 and two similarly priced knockout rose bushes. 

While a warrant was issued for Strunk’s arrest based on that alleged theft, he allegedly returned to Walmart on June 10 and stole 50 landscaping timbers. 

The total value of the stolen items was $1,278, according to an arrest warrant filed by Oneida Police Department K-9 Officer Toby Jeffers.

Jeffers, who had learned through his investigation that Strunk was selling trees at a Somerset flea market, spoke to Strunk on June 11, one day after the alleged theft of the timbers. According to the warrant, Strunk was very apologetic, admitting that he had been stealing the trees from Walmart and selling them in Kentucky.

“Darren stated he did not have any trees left but he could try and get them back,” the warrant stated.

Strunk was charged with theft over $1,000.