A Scott County Sheriff's Department deputy looks through a hole in a vehicle's windshield that was left by a wooden 4x4 post in a freak accident on S.R. 63 in Huntsville on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

HUNTSVILLE — Mere inches. That's how narrowly the family of Elise Massey feel she avoided serious injury or even death on Wednesday, May 2, in a freak accident on S.R. 63 here.

Massey was traveling through the Little Creek section of Huntsville when a wooden 4x4 post came out of the bed of a pickup truck traveling in front of her, passed through her windshield and ended up in the back seat of her vehicle, missing her by only inches.

The post came out of the truck as it hit a bump at the Little Creek bridge.

Fortunately, Massey's children — who would have ordinarily have been in the back seat of the vehicle — were at school.

"Inches could have meant a very different outcome for our family today," said Vicki Massey, Elise Massey's mother, in a Facebook post.

"The driver in the ambulance asked me if I went to church," Elise Massey posted on Facebook. "I said no and he said, 'Well maybe you should, and buy a lottery ticket on your way there.'"

The accident occurred almost three years to the day to a similar freak accident that claimed the life of a Scott County mother on the same highway.

On May 1, 2015, 30-year-old Lynsee Reneau was killed when a steel rod passed through her car's windshield and struck her in the face. That accident occurred just about a mile east of Little Creek on S.R. 63. Investigators determined that the steel rod was laying on the roadway and was struck by another vehicle, sending it airborne and into Reneau's vehicle.

The most recent accident rekindled calls for motorists to secure their loads when traveling. 

People need to tie down stuff in their vehicles or clean the backs out," Vicki Massey said. "We're all just praising God it was over a few inches."