Oxycodone is among the opioids that are contributing to a growing crisis in Scott County and across the United States.

HUNTSVILLE — Scott County has officially joined the growing legal battle that is centered around America’s opioid epidemic.

At the recommendation of the county’s attorney, John Beaty, and the approval of Scott County Commission, the county last week filed a federal lawsuit against a number of prescription opioid manufacturers and distributors, seeking to recover taxpayer money spent combating the opioid epidemic.

Mark Chalos, managing partner of the Nashville office of Leiff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, and Jonathan Taylor of Taylor & Knight, announced Friday that their firms had filed the lawsuit on Scott County’s behalf.

Naming Purdue Pharma and a host of others as defendants, the lawsuit alleges that the drug manufacturers deliberately and repeatedly violated state and federal laws by widely and falsely promoting highly addictive opioids as safe and necessary, while concealing the drugs’ true risks.

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