A pair of Oneida men are facing charges stemming from the burglary of a pharmacy last week.

The two men — identified in arrest warrants as Kevin S. Perkins, 41, and Jerry M. Hamilton, 55, both of Oneida — are accused in connection with a break-in at Mark’s Family Pharmacy on Underpass Drive on the south side of town on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

According to the warrants, filed by Oneida Police Department deputy David Lee Stephens, Perkins gained entry to the pharmacy by using a large rock to shatter the glass of the business’s front door. After breaking into the building, he entered the dispensary and began “strategically selecting” various narcotics, including Gabapentin, Hydrocodone, Diazepam, Alprazolam, Quetiapine and Oxycodone.

As it turned out, though, Perkins left something at the scene that led to his downfall. According to Stephens’ warrant, Perkins dropped a piece of paper from his jacket pocket, which turned out to be the title to a 1986 Toyota pickup truck.

Investigators tracked down the truck’s owner, a Winfield woman, who told them she had sold the vehicle to Hamilton. The team of law enforcement officers — which included OPD officer Aaron Johnson, K-9 officer Toby Jeffers, investigator Bill Miller and Sgt. Brett Bond, in addition to Stephens — then traveled to Hamilton’s residence, located on Garrett Private Drive less than a half-mile away from the pharmacy, where they allegedly encountered Perkins, wearing the same clothing as in video surveillance footage that they had viewed at the pharmacy.

The stolen medications and snorting straws were allegedly located in the living room along with Perkins.

Perkins was charged with burglary of a pharmacy, vandalism, possession of Schedule II and IV drugs with intent to deliver and possession of a legend drug without a prescription.

Hamilton was charged with possession of Schedule II and IV drugs, possession of a legend drug and accessory after the fact.