HUNTSVILLE — A motorist who was allegedly driving while "severely intoxicated" reportedly asked an arresting officer to drive him home rather than arrest him after a traffic stop early Saturday morning.

Joshua Lee Orick, 36, was charged with DUI after Scott County Sheriff's Department deputy Keith Hawkins allegedly observed his silver Jeep running a stop sign and leave its lane of travel six different times between Shephard Road in Oneida and the Dollar General store downtown.

Hawkins wrote in a warrant that Orick was obviously intoxicated. As he was being taken into arrest, Orick was asked what he was under the influence of, to which he allegedly responded, "I've drank a few beers and smoked weed. I'm stoned!"

Orick allegedly failed a sobriety test at the scene of the traffic stop. As he was being placed under arrest, he allegedly told Hawkins, "Oh God, Hawkins, come on! Can you not just drive me home? I'm going to light the blood test up." He allegedly told Hawkins that he had taken Xanax, Percocet, meth, marijuana, Suboxone and beer that day alone.