The next time you’re on a business trip or a family vacation, or even just a quick trip to Knoxville, pay attention to the commercial traffic you’re sharing the road with. If you see a platform trailer with the familiar Great Dane logo emblazoned on it, you can be sure that trailer was built in Huntsville, Tenn.

With a work force of just over 200, the Huntsville facility serves as Great Dane’s only flatbed trailer plant. There, the company cranks out an average of 2,500 platform trailers per year — with estimated production of more than 3,600 this year as growth is experienced in the transportation industry — in a facility that once housed Fruehauf and Wabash production operations.

“This community knows how to build trailers,” said Steve Bullard, plant manager of Great Dane’s Huntsville facility. “Folks here know how to weld and fabricate.”

Putting that experienced labor force to work has proven to be a good partnership for Great Dane and Scott County. Laborers in the local community are able to put their skills and training to work, Scott County has an employer that has proven stable and committed — the company began production in Huntsville in July 2005, nearly 13 years ago — and Great Dane is able to meet its production goals, not once failing to get an order out on time, according to Bullard.

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