Jean Thorne found these abandoned puppies near her home on Buffalo Road on a cold late January day. (Ben Garrett/IH)

Everybody has their breaking point.

For Jean Thorne, an animal lover who can’t stand the thoughts of abandoning a dog, that breaking point came last week, when she saw a small, white head poking from beneath the undergrowth alongside Buffalo Road east of Oneida.

It wasn’t the first time Thorne has found someone’s unwanted puppies abandoned near her home, nor will it be the last time. But, she said, enough is enough.

“I’m sick of it,” she said.

Thorne isn’t alone in her plight. Throughout Scott County, residents of rural neighborhoods often deal with abandoned puppies and kittens that turn up by their home. The way it usually works is someone who didn’t have their pets spayed box up the new litter and drive until they’re just out of sight of a home and dump the animals by the roadside.

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