HUNTSVILLE — A Helenwood man has been charged with disorderly conduct and making 911 calls in a non-emergency situation after allegedly confronting Scott County Sheriff's Department deputies while high on cough syrup.

The suspect, Royce Benji Pittman, 53, was arreted after officers were summoned to his Cherry Fork neighborhood home for the second time on Saturday.

According to a warrant filed by Sheriff's Department deputy Keith Hawkins, the intoxicated Pittman "started a fight" with a motorist who passed his house on Cherry Fork Road. Responding officers were screamed at and cursed by Pittman, Hawkins wrote in the warrant, but left the scene when Pittman returned to his home.

Minutes later, Pittman is alleged to have phoned 911, screaming and cussing at dispatchers. "He demanded that officers come back to his home," Hawkins wrote in the warrant. "He told dispatchers that he would 'act good' when we came back."

When Hawkins and deputy Tyler Johnson arrived at Pittman's home, he allegedly charged out of his front door towards the officers while screaming.

Hawkins detained Pittman as the man allegedly screamed sexually-provocative profanities. A bottle of cough syrup that Pittman had been drinking was found in his pocket.

According to the warrant, Pittman continued to scream obscenities as he was transported to the Scott County Justice Center in Huntsville, forcing Hawkins to stop at one point to further restrain him.