Scott County General Sessions Court Judge Jamie Cotton is pictured with a bust of Senator Howard Baker that is displayed inside the Scott County Justice Center in Huntsville. (Ben Garrett/IH)

HUNTSVILLE — If you haven’t been inside the Scott County Justice Center lately, you might be surprised when you step inside — pleasantly so, especially if you’re a fan of American history and patriotism.

Few think of the Justice Center as anything more than a complex of judicial offices and courtrooms, with a detention facility on its back side. Necessary trips to the Justice Center are usually laced with dread — to pay a traffic citation, visit with a representative of the D.A.’s office as a victim of a crime, to seek an order of protection, for jury duty, or to appear in court.

But the Justice Center is more than all of that. These days, it is a veritable museum of American history, a display of art and artifacts with enough of a local touch to make it well worth a walkthrough for the average citizen.

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