Two brothers were arrested the day after Christmas after they forced a convenience store clerk to sell them beer, then threatened one's estranged wife, according to warrants filed by Oneida Police Department.

Troy Blevins, 45, and Mark Blevins, 32, both of Forest Lane in Oneida, were arrested on Dec. 26 and charged with public intoxication.

According to warrants filed by OPD patrolman Skylar Chambers, the brothers entered Lee's Food Mart at Coopertown and forced a female store clerk to sell them alcohol.

The clerk had initially refused to sell them the beer, according to the warrants, because they were intoxicated. However, she relented after being threatened by the brothers, then called police.

Before police officers could arrive on scene, dispatchers received a second phone call from a woman, the estranged wife of one of the brothers, saying that they tried to fight with her boyfriend and would not leave her residence.

While the woman did not wish to press charges, both brothers were arrested and charged with public intoxication because they "were extremely intoxicated with alcohol," Chambers noted in the warrants.