HUNTSVILLE — Winfield School has renewed its request for lighting for its football field.

Speaking to the Scott County Board of Education at its workshop last week, Winfield Principal Sharon Stanley again broached the subject of lights for the field.

“I’m asking for that again,” Stanley said. “I’m asking for you to consider putting lights on our field. If you attended any of those games, you know by the time we got to those last two, we were totally in the dark. The referees are getting concerned about the safety of those kids. We are getting concerned about not only that but the parents and grandparents who are coming down off the slope there to get in their cars.”

Athletic field lighting is an expensive purchase, costing several tens of thousands of dollars. However, Stanley said the money “might be there” if a budget amendment were considered by the school board.

Winfield has fielded a football team for several years and a playing field was constructed at the school soon after its football program was established. However, lights were never installed. Winfield is the only of Scott County’s middle schools without lights.

For many years, Winfield — which has Scott County’s lowest enrollment — did not field a football team, but instead co-opted with Burchfield to give its students who wished to play football an option to do so.

The issue was not discussed in depth by the board at its Oct. 31 workshop, and it is not on the agenda for the board’s November meeting, which will take place on Thursday afternoon.