What started as a proposed bypass of Oneida will ultimately consist of two reworked intersections.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has filled in local leaders on the final details of an enhancement project for Alberta Street through Oneida, a scaled-back approach that will see “the corner” eliminated in the downtown area and major changes to the highway’s intersection with 2nd Avenue near the U.S. Post Office.

With officials from both Oneida and Scott County joined by state legislators, TDOT planners last month unveiled the plans for the project, which could begin as soon as next fall.

It’s a far cry from what originally began as a plan to eliminate the “bottleneck" of Alberta Street south of the Oak Grove intersection by rerouting the bulk of traffic onto a bypass through West Oneida, beginning near Verdun Road on the south end and ending near Litton Road on the north end. After considering an alternative bypass route that would closely follow the Norfolk-Southern Railroad route to the east of town, TDOT scrapped the bypass plans altogether several years ago, opting for what it once called Option 3: improvements to the existing highway from the four-lane section on the south end of town, just south of the Boys & Girls Club, to the four-lane section on the north end of town.

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