A pair of Oneida men were arrested Wednesday, Sept. 6, on allegations of dealing methamphetamine near Oneida City Park.

A joint effort by Drug Agent Bill Miller of the Oneida Police Department and Drug Agent Kris Lewallen of the Scott County Sheriff’s Department resulted in the arrest of two men who were parked at the car wash adjacent to the entrance of the park.

According to a report filed by Lewallen, the agents had received information that a car was dealing meth ice at the car wash. Upon arrival, Lewallen wrote that the driver of a black Crown Victoria — identified as Sidney Hammock, 25, of Oneida — attempted to conceal a key chain pill container from his sight. Miller retrieved the container and allegedly found it to contain more than a half-gram of meth that was packaged for resale.

A passenger in the vehicle, identified as Bobby Ross, 27, of Oneida, was allegedly found in possession of less than a half-gram of meth.

The two men allegedly admitted to ownership of the illicit drug, while also admitting that Hammock was working for Ross to sell the meth.

Oneida Police Department officers Toby Jeffers, David Stephens and Skyler Chambers assisted with the drug bust.

Because the men were parked within 1,000 ft. of Oneida City Park and within 1,000 ft. of a certified daycare facility, they were also charged with violating the Drug Free School Zone Act, which provides enhanced punishment for drug crimes.