The old Scott County Jail was built in 1904. (Photo: Nancy Chambers)

HUNTSVILLE — The Town of Huntsville is proposing to acquire and restore the old Scott County Jail, and appears to have momentum for its proposition.

At County Commission’s workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 5, Huntsville Mayor Dennis Jeffers addressed the Building & Grounds Committee, saying it is his vision to restore the jail to its original condition in order to preserve its historical value.

“I was talking to my mother about (the jail). She’s 70 years old now and she said when she was 16 years old, Alma Laxton taught her how to make biscuits and gravy in that jail, to cook for the prisoners,” Jeffers said. “That’s the kind of history you want to hang onto.”

Jeffers is not the first person — nor the first Huntsville mayor — to propose an acquisition of the jail, which has set empty since the county opened the more modern justice center on Scott High Drive in 2007.

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