HUNTSVILLE — Scott County Commission appears to be on the verge of approving a resolution that would see the costs of property reappraisals in Oneida and Huntsville assumed by those municipalities’ governments.

John Beaty last week presented County Commission’s Intergovernmental Committee with a request from Scott County Assessor of Property Tony Sexton to bill the towns of Oneida and Huntsville for the reappraisals of property parcels located within their municipal limits.

Beaty cited a state law that allows for municipal governments to be charged 19 cents for each parcel of property during the five-year reappraisal cycle, which will take place in Scott County in 2018. The resulting costs for each of the two towns would be minimal. Beaty said there are 973 parcels of property in Huntsville, which would result in a cost of $184.87 to that town. In Oneida, there are around 2,600 parcels of property, which Beaty said would result in a cost of $509.39.

“Mr. Sexton says that’s not a lot of money but he needs all the help he can get (during a reappraisal year),” Beaty said.

The measure will be considered by County Commission next week.