An Oneida man suspected of stealing a car in Florida was arrested locally on Saturday, after being stopped on suspicion of drunken driving.

Roy Avery Foster, 27, of Oneida, was arrested just before lunch time Saturday, after it was revealed that the vehicle he was driving had been reported stolen in Florida.

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The complete story can be found in the Sept. 7, 2017 print edition of the Independent Herald.

According to an arrest warrant filed by Oneida Police Department investigator Bill Miller, he ran a license check on the vehicle — which had a Florida plate — because the driver was "possibly driving drunk." Dispatchers informed Miller that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Florida.

It was further learned that Foster, who was driving the vehicle, had been named in Florida as a suspect in the theft of the vehicle.

Foster was unable to provide identification, Miller wrote in the warrant, and gave a false name and date of birth.

According to the warrant, the name Foster provided was the name of the vehicle's owner. Foster, who is 27, told Miller that his date of birth was Jan. 6, 1954, which would make him 63.

In the vehicle, Miller allegedly discovered a can and two syringes, which he said had been used to ingest narcotics.

Foster was charged with theft over $10,000, giving false information to an officer, driving without a license and possession of drug paraphernalia.[/s2If]