Oneida defender Drew Crabtree slams Wartburg quarterback Tyler Davis to the ground for one of the Indians' seven sacks against the Bulldogs on Friday, Sept. 1, 2017. (Sarah Dunlap/IH)

WARTBURG — Oneida’s defense continued to impress on a rainy night in Morgan County Friday, as the Indians overpowered the homestanding Bulldogs, 44-0.

With an on-and-off rain falling in Wartburg as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey impacted the region, Oneida limited the Bulldogs to just 80 yards of offense and earned its second shutout of the season.

When Oneida began substituting younger players liberally in the second half, its defense had given up a total of -2 yards and just one first down. The Indians finished the night with seven sacks, while another quarterback pressure resulted in an intentional grounding penalty that resulted in a safety.

“Our guys were working hard up front, getting the pressure we needed,” Oneida head coach Tony Lambert said. “I felt like we did a good job getting pressure with a four-man rush. We haven’t run a lot of blitz packages. We just try to be sound at what we do.”

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